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The Unquiet Bones: The first chronicle of Hugh de Singleton, surgeon

“The Unquiet Bones”
“The Unquiet Bones” teaser

Hugh of Singleton, fourth son of a minor knight in Wyclif’s England, has been educated as a clerk, usually a prelude to taking holy orders. However, feeling no certain calling despite a lively faith, he turns to the profession of surgeon, training in Paris and then hanging out his sign in Oxford. He is staring from his Oxford window, hoping for clients, when Lord Gilbert is kicked by his groom’s horse. Hugh’s successful treatment of the suffering lord leads to an invitation to set up his practice in Bampton – and, before long, the request to track the killer of a young woman whose bones have been found in the castle cesspit. She is identified as the impetuous missing daughter of a local blacksmith, and her young man, whom she had provoked very publicly, is in due course arrested and sentenced at the Oxford assizes. From there the tale unfolds, with graphic medical procedures, droll medieval wit, misdirection, ambition, romantic distractions and a consistent underlying Christian compassion.

Release date: September 1, 2008 (UK) | November 4, 2008 (US)
ISBN: 978-0825462900
Available formats: Paperback | Hardback | Kindle
Other languages: Dutch paperback | Polish paperback

Please read the book’s first chapter.

UK: Lion Fiction website | US: Kregel Publications website

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